Key steps


There are some key steps to getting on-line and G2web can guide you through the process.

Exisiting Clients


New companies start up every day and G2web has already supported local Lutterworth firms.

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Getting Started Fast
Getting your web design ideas down and turning them into reality


Apart from following the Key Steps to getting your site up and running, a critical part is assembling the content for the site. To do that we need to go through some basic, but important questions...


1 - What words do you want to use to describe your services and products?

2 - What are the key words that your customers will be searching for to find you?

3 - How do you want the site to look?

4 - Have you a company logo yet?

5 - What colour scheme do you have in mind?

6 - What about the potential to make changes easily?

7 - Will social networking help my business?

8 - How does my email work?


We can coach you through the questions to get the answers for your business



Up and running fast

We can normally get a site up an running in a week... do you know what you want?

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Get your business moving

The sooner you are on-line the quicker you can attract new clients and boost your revenues.

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A Professional Service

Over 20 years experience in the web design business we provide honest and open advice.

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British Computer Society

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